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Welcome to Laser Innovations International, a leader in Laser Light Healthcare Training, Laser Therapy Consultancy and laser healthcare training. Our laser therapy training courses are conducted by Nita Tripp, the Director of Laser Training and Support in the UK. We have the experience necessary to provide affordable and proven results in laser treatments, support, training and consultancy. Lasers are used for a variety of treatments including Smoking Cessation, Dermatology, Pain Management and Inch Loss.Over many years we have had huge successes with our Stop Smoking treatments, opening the first laser clinic in London which was featured on BBC TV Kick the Habit, together with our laser therapy

programmes for Stress Management, Weight management, Dermatology, Pain and Sport relief programmes. The latest edition is our Inch Loss system, helping you to lose weight painlessly and quickly, no more strict diets. We also provide services to other health care professionals around the world, helping them to understand the benefits of laser technology. By delivering training courses to meet the specific needs of health care professionals in their day to day work with patients, we act as the vital link between the health care organizations and those within the laser

technology profession with the aim of ensuring consistent global standards. Our work is supported by our many years of experience and our results and we play an important support role with the manufacturers of laser technologies, assisting with their research and their development of approved and leading edge products. We continue to work as Laser Health practitioners, providing treatments and training to a wide range of individual clients as well as maintaining our training and consultancy services at an international level.

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We offer a number of laser training programmes which will enable a broad spectrum of people, from qualified health professionals...

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In a world that sees the pace of life quicken, we find ourselves fighting against deadlines whilst trying to maintain our health...

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Stop Smoking Laser Therapy Treatments: Weight Control: Stress Management: Dermatology, Acne, Ecezema. Pain Manangement: Arthritis, Rheumatism, Tennis Elbow...


Mazzie – Ireland Centre

I had to take Trains, Planes, Automobiles and a couple of buses to get to Nita for my training. I didn’t know what to expect, I had heard excellent reports about Nitas training but little did I know how fantastic my experience was to be.

I am looking for an excuse to make a return trip, I don’t have any as the training I received was excellent, not only did Nita train me on all laser operations we covered Market research, PR, Customer service.

I also spent leisure time with Nita & David it was fantastic David is a great cook & Nita took me to the beach, YES we were training & working hard but it was great fun as well as being professional. We covered everything, I came home & started my business the next day.

Best thing is Nita is always at end of the phone to help out if Im stuck. We have become friends Nita, David & I. I would go again in a heartbeat, I adored their home it was relaxing, peaceful & a fantastic place to train. Thank you so much Nita. Thanks David for cooking and lots of tea.

Thanks Nita & David


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